Helpful words from Dr. Nitin Bhatnagar:*
“I have been asked what is the difference between the soul, the body and you.
My answer is fairly simple. You are the soul, and you have a body. This body is not you, and yet you are the driver of this mortal frame. It is your vehicle to interact within a manifest universe. Ethereal to solid.
You as the soul are interfacing with this reality through this physical body and all its senses in this realm at this particular time to fulfill a task or purpose. This is known as an experience.
Your body is a finely tuned machine, that holds all knowledge within the cells as part of DNA. The key is to access that knowledge and apply it. This is known as wisdom. When you listen to your body and its various energy centers you access this wisdom.
The mind in its executive centers remains logical and task oriented, and is able to see things with a clearer and more objective perspective. When we are in our emotional centers in the brain, we are polarized and do not see things for what they are, but as we want or wish them to be, regardless of whether it is scary or blissful, good or bad.
Listen to your body, it will guide you. The pressures of ideas of others or your own, or the stress to act or not to act based on the voices of others or your own, can all be filtered through the body. These stressors are what makes us either speak or act irrationally or impulsively.
Follow your soul’s voice–it knows the way.”
*shared with permission