“Once you have set your foot on a certain path in this world, there is no turning back: the sole of your foot has taken an impress from that path, the path has become the sole your foot, and wherever you set your foot down after that is the path.”     ~Marie Sheppard Williams

It’s funny to think about how I got to where I am today, living in a little building nestled in tall trees. I built this cabin with my own two hands 15 years ago, when I was going through a difficult divorce. I’ve come back to it now after the financial ruin of cancer.

I don’t believe that we choose everything that happens to us. I did not choose the poor behavior that ended my marriage. I did not choose cancer, it was a genetic inheritance. Real Life is happening all the time. It’s part of being on the planet. No one gets through unscathed.

But we all choose how we are going to deal with life. I think that that’s what Karma is: our life today is created by all the choices we have made before today. If my marriage hadn’t ended, I would not have chosen to create another space, and the little room under the stars would not exist. If cancer hadn’t wiped out my income, I would not have chosen to come back to it. Although I could not see the stepping stones at the time, they have led me here. There is no question that I am in the right place now.