It seems that there is so much to be concerned about. The climate is going wacko, governments and world economies are going wacko, people are going off the deep end in extremism. It all feels like a house of cards. I am most concerned for the children, for all children. I can die today and I will have had a good life, but the younger people must struggle on with what we are creating now.

The Library Man:  [He is chuckling to himself]. Do you really think that this is the first time of imbalance? It has happened all throughout history. It is good to be aware. It is detrimental to become over-involved in things you have no control over. You must bring your focus to a level that is within your scope of practice. Your scope of practice involves personal contact. Direct transmission of the vibration. It can happen in many ways. Your purpose is to be a clear channel, to let the Teachings come through you and move to others,

To be ready to take this path, you must be ready to move yourself into Timelessness. It is not just a thought, or a way of thinking. It is a way of organizing your being.

To stay on track, I keep bringing myself back to breath and centering, and expanding. I feel a pulse of energy moving horizontally at my heart level.

This is where it starts, at the heart level. This is why we have spoken so much about compassion, because that is one of the first steps. There is awareness, then transcendence, then compassion, and then movement of compassion. It is the movement of compassion, not just sitting and experiencing it, but moving that energy. And not just from you, but through you. The energy has to come from the Universe, and come through you as a physical vibration on its way to entering another energy field.

Space is continuous. Through Space, energy is moving in and out of Points. You and others are Points. Moving the energy between Points energizes the space it moves through. It is good to understand this, but it is most important to do it, to experience it. This compassionate connection is vital energy. It is Life Force. This is your purpose, to move Life Force. 

You will not need bravery so much as leaning forward. You will want to connect to all that is coming. You are ready. You are to move energy between Points, and those Points are humans. It is to be a direct transmission, which necessarily implies close contact, in person. It is not sitting at home and fretting, it is moving and enjoyment, it is embodying the teachings. You are made for this. No worries. Eyes open. Energy clear. Clean connections. Be yourself, all of yourself.