Functioning in the physical world can be draining. There is so much to be distracted by! Some of it chosen, like phone scrolling and running to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out). Some of it is seemingly required, like home maintenance and managing money. It all adds up.

I am very aware that I have had a lot of doing lately and not enough being. I’ve over-scheduled myself, most of it in service to others, and am now depleted. I’ve been here before, of course. I’m getting better at recognizing the burnout sooner, and at knowing what to do to get back on track. Getting back on track spiritually is about practicing “The Art of the Return.” It’s like noticing that my mind is wandering during meditation, and gently bringing myself back to breath. What I am returning to is my center, the Me that is connected to Space and exists outside of Time.

To guide my return, I reconnect with spiritual practice. Morning prayers. Meditation. Experiencing Unity with Nature. Playing and laughing, allowing fun and creativity. Consciously moving my energy. Relaxing. I’m so out of whack at this point that I need to actually schedule these things, every day, in order to make them happen.

A’riquea:  You are approaching this as something to work at. If it is work, then it is not meeting your need to Be. Being is a state of energy alignment. Energy attunement. Awareness. The Physical World and the Dream World aligned and balanced.

The Physical World has been drawing much of your energy. You have been focusing primarily on meeting the needs of others. There is nothing wrong with this. But meeting your own needs has to come first. If you are not centered in your own being, you will not know when to stop, when to pull back and replenish yourself. As you know, you cannot give from an empty place. This is not just a concept, it is an actual law of energy. 

For there to be flow, there must be energy moving, not just outward, but also inward. You determine what that inflow is, what feeds and nourishes your own being. And then you have to choose it, make it a priority. That is one of the difficulties of living in the modern world—there is such a cacophony of competing distraction. It is easy to lose your place and forget that you are a spirit-walking journey. Not just a spirit walking, but the journey itself, which describes movement and flow. 

You can do this. You know how it feels, you have practiced it before. You can do it again. You can be the flow.

Join the song that Creation sings.

Join the song that Creation sings. Bring your voice to the choir. Generate resonance and harmony. Not just in the outer world, but in your inner world as well. Come Home with Joy.