I’m not very good at asking for help. I always think I can do everything myself. Independence is a great skill, but a more balanced life would also include being able to ask for help.

A’riquea:  This would be a good time to think about how you treat other people. You are gentle and supportive. This is how you also want to be treating yourself. The hardness that is required to be fiercely independent and always do everything yourself is the opposite of being gentle and supportive. 

Think about masculine and feminine qualities. How do you prefer that other people treat you? That is how you need to be treating yourself. The energy that surfaces when you take retreat days for yourself, when you remove pressures and deadlines and let the Universe guide you––this is feminine energy. The energy of creation. The energy of freedom and beauty. You are very capable of this. You just need to bring it into your awareness. 

You have created a life of tasks and hard work. These are good skills. As you come into your later years, it is time for more softness. It is ok to ask for help. It is good to ask for help—it builds relationships where other people can enjoy the role of giving. You are giving them this gift when you ask. You can also ask the Universe for more support. 

When I give my offering prayers in the morning, I have been told that I am not asking for enough. I always thought it was most important to be grateful. But how could the Universe give me what I need unless I ask for it?

This is true. The Universe is supporting you and that support can be quite specific, especially when it aligns with the energy of the Universe. Align your energy when you pray, and stand in the echo. Asking is intention, and it helps you move in the vibration that best suits evolution. Magnifying magnificence is an activity of the Creator. Walk in this world as an amplifier of the Creator.