About Jennifer Shoals

I grew up in the large urban centers of Kansas City, Detroit, and Minneapolis. I later chose to raise my children in a small town on Lake Superior. I currently live on 30 wooded acres in a writing studio that I built with my own two hands. I have been channeling for over 20 years.

Become a Radiant Journey

I've been doing a brief guided energy meditation with a Facebook group every morning. Recently, we were working with the Heart Chakra. I was not surprised to find that I still have some resistance to receiving love. I easily feel love, compassion, and forgiveness for others, but I am unable to generate much of that [...]


Life today requires constant attention to an unending flow of busy work––things to sort and file and mail and pay and follow up on. Our paper piles reproduce like rabbits. To stay on track and remember everything, we have to have lists. (Some of us, with chemo-brain or A-G-E, have a lot of lists.) I live [...]

Breathe Relief

The rain came! It started with a gentle drizzle, softly soaking the ground. Fog enveloped the forest. It gradually progressed to a hard pouring rain with dramatic lightning and thunder. The rain barrels and buckets and pots and pans that I put out, to catch as many drops as possible, quickly filled. I feel rich [...]

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