About Jennifer Shoals

Jennifer Shoals has been channeling multiple Teachers for over twenty years. In her "Inspiring Deeper Connections" book series she opens this mystical journey to readers who are seeking inner guidance, balanced living, and expanded consciousness. She lives in a rustic writing studio on thirty wooded acres just outside of Grand Marais MN.

Beyond Ego

We are formed in the liquid dark of our mother's body. When we are born we have no identity. One of our childhood tasks is to find ourselves. First we seek others for feeding, care and love. Then we learn that we are separate beings and practice controlling our own body and our immediate environment. [...]


“It is easy to mourn the lives we aren't living. Easy to wish we'd developed other talents, said yes to different offers. Easy to wish we'd worked harder, loved better, handled our finances more astutely, been more popular, stayed in the band, gone to Australia, said yes to the coffee or done more bloody yoga. [...]

More On Books

Trying to make a living as an author is not a great career move. It takes hours of attention every day for years to write a quality book. Then the manuscript needs to be formatted into book form, a cover designed, bar codes purchased, ISBN numbers and other info prepared for the copyright page. Someone [...]

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