About Jennifer Shoals

I grew up in the large urban centers of Kansas City, Detroit, and Minneapolis. I later chose to raise my children in a small town on Lake Superior. I currently live on 30 wooded acres in a writing studio that I built with my own two hands. I have been channeling for over 20 years.

Knots & Not Knots

During the night my dad, who died several years ago, came to me in a dream. His voice was whispery and far away and he told me that he would be moving on soon. Maybe he has completed whatever work needed to be done in order to continue to other realms. The next morning I [...]

Spring Reminder

"From a bud, only a promise. Then a gentle opening: Rich blooming, bursting fragrance, The fulfillment of the center. True beauty comes from within. Take a flower as an example. In the beginning it is only a bud. It does not yet show its loveliness to the world, it does not attract butterflies or bees, [...]

Home-Grown Interior

I posted several times in the last month about feeling overwhelmed. I've been living in a transitional construction zone every day for the last nine months. And then there's the current state of the world: Ukraine, nuclear threat, ongoing climate destruction. I've received a lot of support from the Teachers. They talked about stepping back [...]

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