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About Jennifer Shoals

I grew up in the large urban centers of Kansas City, Detroit, and Minneapolis. I later chose to raise my children in a small town on Lake Superior. I currently live on 30 wooded acres in a writing studio that I built with my own two hands. I have been channeling for over 20 years.

Over the Edge

I imagine most people are feeling a bit overwhelmed, now that the political roller coaster has actually taken us over the edge. Empaths, people of color, anyone who is woke, are also experiencing some level of trauma. I am offering a few words from the Teachers that you might find helpful: A'riquea:  A problem today [...]

Welcoming The New Year

I try to start each day with morning prayers. Sometimes my prayers are long, sometimes short. It feels deepest when I pray outside, thanking All My Relations, the sky and the Earth and the cosmos. I give thanks for this present opportunity to be in physical form. I lean toward the sun, acknowledging it––not as [...]

The Joy of Existing

I have been gone a bit, while I was on personal retreat. After a week in cloistered isolation I feel like a breath of fresh air. On my way into retreat, I set an intention around what I was doing there. I followed guidelines from Jennifer Louden’s The Women’s Retreat Book, which were to “disengage [...]

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