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About Jennifer Shoals

Jennifer has been channeling for over 20 years. She live in a small town on Lake Superior.

Right and Wrong

"The opposite of knowing what's right for you isn't knowing what's wrong for you, it's uncertainty. Wrongness is easy and obvious. You just avoid it. But something that's a little right and a little wrong in spots — that's the kind of thing that needs to be sorted out and decided so it doesn't waste [...]

Small World, Bigger World

As noted in my last several blogs, I am practicing intention. Placing a piece of birchbark in the fire every morning keeps that process moving and Aha Moments continue to surface. I had been writing "transform negative habits" on one side of the birch bark, and "open up to a bigger life" on the other. [...]

DNA, Frameworks, Life Force, Choice

One of the benefits of practicing intention every day is that it brings my attention to the energy I want to embody. Then it's not just a random wish. I actually practice feeling the quality of the energy I want to move toward. It becomes an energy memory. As I have continued to focus my intention [...]

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