I have a little reminder that keeps my attention on the positive. I call it BFI.

When my thoughts are straying to the negative, or when I just have a quiet moment, I remind myself to look for things in my day that are B, F, or I. That stands for Beautiful, Funny, and Inspiring. Was there something beautiful, to see or witness? Was there something humorous, that made me laugh out loud? Was there something inspiring, to help me believe in the progress of a more harmonious life?

Focusing my attention on these events, and the feelings that go with them, keeps me tuned into the positive. It’s not that I’m ignoring everything else, it’s that I’m intentionally choosing my internal vibrations. Recalling the sensations of BFI helps me feel them repeatedly.

Sometimes I pen those initials on the inside of my wrist, so I see them throughout the day and revisit them. It’s also a nice way to fall asleep at night, looking at BFI from my day.

Here’s hoping your day is full of BFI  : )