Did you know you can practice spirituality anywhere? Try these interesting exercises to wake up your connection with your body:

Flow of Life
Take a glass of water with you when you go to pee. While your urine is flowing, slowly drink the whole glass of water. It will seem like the water is going in and coming out at the same time! Suspend your idea of reality, where this process is all filtered through internal organs. Let yourself feel the connection between In and Out, the connection between what we take in and what we expel. Let yourself feel connected to the water in the glass, the water in your body, the water in your urine. Think about where the water you are drinking came from, how it is going through you, where it is going. Let it all be one big flow.

Balancing Sides
The next time you go poop, use your opposite hand (the one you don’t usually use) to wipe. You will be amazed at how difficult this is! We have programmed our bodies to be one-sided. Not only does one hand have most of the dexterity in this task, but one whole side of our body has gained the flexibility to accommodate this habit. The opposite side of our body is typically tight and inflexible. Practicing this over the course of decades, we have become unbalanced.
I learned this exercise from a college athlete, whose trainer was trying to improve agility and balance in their players. It applies to us, too. We will need a lot of opposite-practice to get limbered up and balanced again!