In my recent blog, Lineage and Light, I asked some questions about energy lineage. I was told that it’s not so important where we come from. It’s more important to focus on what we do while we’re here. We’re tasked with carrying the Light. That means moving beyond ego-focused five sense reality to carry and share the vibration of expanded consciousness.

There are challenges to this. After arriving on the Earth plane, each human has to function with varying capacities and apply them to ever-changing situations. We inherit our genes through a vast transmission––from our parents, and their parents, and on and on and on until we come to the original beings who either crawled out of the primordial soup and/or were brought here by the Star People. All along the way epigenetics, the process of living, has shaped the development of personality and culture.

There is also the influence of reincarnation, in which a being comes into a body on the physical plane according to some much greater plan. Any of this, all of this, contributes to who we will be during our spirit’s walk on the Earth. No matter how it all comes together, our directive is to shine under the circumstances, to carry the Light.

I’m so curious about the over-story here. How does this all interact and why??

The Luminous Masters:  It seems that you are asking about the master plan. What are the building blocks to consciousness and how do you become the person you are.


There is much information here, below the surface of what you have already described. Much of what you described belongs to a framework designed by science, which of course is something that is a human construct. Science will only be able to describe that which is already reasonable to your intellect. It makes sense, in that way. But remember the words of A’dziimbuumaa,* that humans are not telling the story of the Universe. The Universe is telling its own story and humans happen to be in it. You would have to take many giant steps away from your own ideas to even begin to understand how this works. (And understanding is not even possible, only sensing.)

But as you have asked, we may be able to shed some light on this. It will be important that you do not interrupt with your own questions, because those questions will necessarily pull the discussion back into your own limited framework, when what we are moving into has nothing to do with that. Just listening is your directive now.

So. There is a Universe of energy and activities and interrelationships well beyond the comprehension of human beings. It’s not that you do not know of these things, it is that you are removed from the infinity of these time-space continuums in your current state. There is a purpose to this removal, and that is so you can focus on bringing all of your energy to bear on the Earth plane situation. You have been given a physical body in order to embody these greater energies, to sense and magnify the abilities of these energies. Yes, the energies themselves have abilities and traits that are beyond your comprehension.

All of the Universe, and by that we mean the infinity of Everything Which Is The One, is working in concert on many many many levels. To call them levels is a misnomer, for that implies that there is some separation to their existence. Everything is interrelated in some way. As you have discussed in your author presentations, everything is simultaneously made of something else, it is itself, and it is part of many other things.** When we say ‘things’ we mean energies, for everything is a vibrational collection of energies. 

The ability of anything to vibrate is allowed by the space it occupies. Space is where energy movement and transfer occur. Because all space is continuous, energy vibrations can be transmitted through space. This traveling of energy is what ‘defines’ anything. This is where we are getting into areas which will tax your current intellectual constructs. All space is continuous, and all space contains all energies. Simultaneously. That is why the past and the future can be connected in the present. Let us say that again: all space is continuous, and all space contains all energies. There is no limit to either the space or to energy. This is what is meant by Eternity.

When something novel is created in the Universe of Eternity, there will be reverberations in everything else. It can be no other way. Everything is connected to everything. This is why healing in the present affects not only the future but also the past. There is no real division anywhere in the vast expression of infinite time-space continuums. 

And, as your mind is wondering right now, there can also be negative inputs into the energy system of the everything. This is something you are experiencing on the Earth plane, where difficult situations are being created on a large scale. This does not actually require any of your attention. All of those choices are being created in reaction to larger energies at work in the Shift. These ‘negative’ energies actually have a place in the broader scheme. They will help to dismantle systems that have been holding and creating stability for some time. In this time, these structures are no longer useful and need to make way for something else. That something else is the vibrational change you are beginning to experience. 

The Earth school for souls is going to shift. It is not important for you to know what that shift will be. Knowing this would anchor you to the Point which is that concept. Better that you have a vague notion of the Light, for this is your directive: to become the Light and use your physical body to touch others with that Light. To transfer Light from the cosmos, through your body, to others. It is time to do this. You have been training for some time, and this is the next step. To become a Luminous Soul on the Earth plane. It will require that you focus your priorities to accomplish this. You will need to keep your physical body in a state of clear vibration. It will require that you open to the beauty and intensity of incoming luminance, and then to move that luminance in the direction of other Souls. You can do this, but only if you make this your priority.

We have intentionally avoided the questions which brought you to this discussion, because nailing any of those concepts down to a “known” quantity will only distract you from your larger purpose. 

Be well. Be joyful. Be open. We are with you. Let us begin.



*Discussed in The Next World, p. 9-11.
**For a great description, see The Next World, p. 22-24