I’ve been doing a brief guided energy meditation with a Facebook group every morning. Recently, we were working with the Heart Chakra. I was not surprised to find that I still have some resistance to receiving love. I easily feel love, compassion, and forgiveness for others, but I am unable to generate much of that for myself. I feel hollow there, where I would like to feel juicy. I could drill down into childhood business, but I’ve been over that a million times and don’t find it helpful.

My childhood wasn’t all bad. I had plenty to eat and a roof over my head. I had educational opportunities. I wasn’t physically beaten, but did witness my sister being beaten. I also witnessed what it would be like to be loved and adored by your parents, although that attention was reserved for the boys. My parents are gone now. I’ve forgiven them—they functioned in the way they were able based on their own personal histories and era of cultural expectation.

I am thinking now about going farther back in my history, to find a place where I was loved unconditionally. That would be wherever I was before I came into human form. Everyone says we come from love. What if that was really about coming from Love? Isn’t that the foundation of God-Energy in the Universe? Isn’t that where we all come from originally?

A’riquea:  You do come from Love. Sometimes you are looking for it to manifest in a certain way, usually in validation of who you are as a human. This is one of the ways that love manifests.

Another way for Love to manifest is to see the generation of your physical body as a direct outgrowth of the Love of the Universe. Life Force is moving through you, just as it does through every plant and animal and living being in the Physical World. It is coursing through your veins. Every second of every day. The Love of the Universe is what sustains you. It is working every day with purpose and meaning, to give you the opportunity to manifest Love energy in human form. 

Under the best of circumstances, you would be a radiant source for others on their path. In order to do this, you must welcome and allow the flow to move through you. As you have noted, various other forces are at play that may hinder your ability to welcome and allow it. You have let your ego to define exactly what that flow should look like, that it comes from another person who encourages the flow. Of course, this can happen. But ultimately, it is up to you to be the container, the conduit, the medium for that energy, wherever it comes from. It cannot come to you unless you are open to receive it. 

The body is a temple because this is the place where you exist, the place where you pray your being into radiant existence. If you ignore your temple, if you deny the energy of your body and neglect the space the energy moves through, it will fall into disrepair. When you honor it, you are honoring the gift of existence. 

Let your attention shift from the ego model of love to the Universal Design of Love. Go back to the seed of your being, the you who came from the cosmos, and tend its creation with the Love of acceptance, compassion, and beauty. Recognize the Life Force that brought you to the Physical World, that sustains you in this physical manifestation. Actively create the pathway that you are traveling, on your journey from the cosmos and back to the cosmos. You are the journey, the energy of the journey. The energy, always moving, is the place to focus. The ego, determined to define who you are among others, can only create blocks to this flow. Let go of these Points. Enter the flow of Zone. Be the journey. Be the energy. Be the movement of energy. Recognize its source and always return there when you feel lost. 

The Universe wants to Love you. The Universe wants to Love. You are the path that the Love of the Universe travels. There is no fancy therapy that will clear out the obstacles. There is only returning to the source and feeling it move in you. Become a radiant source by acknowledging the radiance that is already moving in you. This is your Truth.