Think about any life form––insects, plants, water––and what the world is like for them. It certainly is not the same as what humans perceive. With more ancient people, there used to be a communication, a sharing, a partnership, that benefited all. Humans today are more removed from that. We seem to think that we are the only beings on the planet, and that it’s all here for us. Something is missing in that.

There is a parallel between the physical world and the spiritual world that is playing out in the current killing off of bees. Physically, we have altered the environment in a negative way and we see that effect in the die-off of bees. Spiritually, we have altered our relationship with Nature. We are no longer recognizing that the bee is a communicator for us, dispersing the pollen so that we have plants to eat. We no longer listen to the ancestors for the wisdom that will bring us and our children safely into the future.

In a recent vision, I saw a giant bee hovering in front of my face:
The bee much larger is than me. I can see the bee’s fuzzy body, its jointed and lacquered legs, its compound eyes. It is hovering before me, and I hear the buzz of its wings. It turns and flies into the white mist of unknowing. I see it grow smaller and disappear. Then I am flying closely behind. Right ahead of me is its pointed tail. We continue through the white mist.

I hear a humming ahead, the drone of many wings. We have come through the mist and arrived at a giant hive. It is so large that I can not see the perimeter of it. We are at a flat edge that has been exposed to show the infinite compartments that the bees have created and are working in. The leader bee turns to look at me, to make sure that I know I am to follow. We enter one of the cubicles. It is darker, but I can still see.

I have an awareness of the hive’s context. The hive is made up of all these compartments, but they are also conjoined into one whole. Many bees are working in here, moving their wings and communicating in other ways. Each compartment and also the entire hive is made of a light papery material that vibrates. It vibrates with the sounds of the bees. The entire hive is alive with the communication of the bees. They can all feel it, no matter where they are in the hive or what they are doing. This is an expression of the part/whole nature of the Universe. Everything is a Holon––simultaneously both its individual self and also part of something larger. The bees understand this. They each have a specific task to focus on and also a larger awareness of the entire hive.

The leader bee is looking back at me again. We are moving deeper into the hive. There is a maze of connected openings and tunnels. I am following the leader bee. We have come to a domed chamber, where the Queen resides. She is resting on a bed of papery sheets that cushion her large body. She is very wise. She knows all the ways of all the bees, the separateness and the connectedness. Her liquid, intelligent eyes are looking at me knowingly. A front leg motions me closer. I feel humbled, and bow down in front of her. She is honored and amused. She motions towards her left eye. I am to enter.

Her eye is a huge pool of inky liquid. I am very very small. As I enter the eye, I begin to tumble gently, floating and summersaulting. The inky liquid becomes the night sky, full of stars. I have passed into the Universe. Every one of those stars is a planet, a planet with bees. I feel my weightless body pulled to a planet, into its field, down to its surface, where the bees are communing with the flowers. I am brought again to a hive, through the papery tunnels, to the Queen, into her eye, into the Universe, full of stars that are planets……

It is an endless cycle. The bees are maintaining it. Their drone is the humming of an entire dimension, a dimension that exists simultaneously with the one that we, humans, perceive. The dimensions are concurrent, and codependent. They rely on each other.

The honeycomb reminds me of the Matrix described in my second book.  It is the blueprint of our genetic heritage. Different structures can be built out using that blueprint, depending on the effects created by both the choices of our ancestors in the past and our own choices in the present. There are multiple dimensions occupying the same Space. What we “see” depends on where we place our attention, what coordinates we choose to focus on.

I am wondering how the dimensions are codependent. The leader bee takes me through the hive-Queen-Universe-hive cycle over and over and over, at high speed, looking back at me to make sure I am following. I see that the dimensions are codependent because changes in one will affect changes in another. In the hive cycle, I can see that if humans destroy the environment on the planet where the bees live, we will destroy the bees’ ability to participate in that cycle. Of course, we will also damage our own food supply. Food is not just something that we put in our mouths. It is energy that sustains us. There is a spiritual connection to our food. It is energy transformed from one thing to another, communication on a molecular and atomic level that is necessary for Life. The leader bee is nodding, Yes.

The Bee wishes to speak: It is important to understand your connectedness to all things. Humans are living in a kind of isolation now. As a group, you have passed through a time when you felt you could control Nature without honoring the innate wisdom of the Universe.
      There is a way that things happen, a beautiful organization. Like snowflakes, there are no two alike, but their creation follows an underlying energy pattern. Science is trying to discern this pattern. Good scientists are aware that every time they travel the tunnels of the Matrix and come to the Queen’s chamber, they will always end up back in the infinity of the night sky.
      At some point, humans will be aware of God, which is the total of everything. When you allow this awareness into your own body, then you will be living a spirit-centered life. This is the correct alignment of humans in the Universe––to be aware of the larger context of Life, and to function there while acknowledging the gift that is physical form.
       Awareness. Your place in the Universe. The vibration that occurs when everyone is doing their specific work. Humming up. You will be able to feel this. Not just one individual, although each adds to the whole. But the vibration of the whole. Vibrating with the resonance of God. You do not have to figure this out to understand it. Feel it in your core, where the vibration builds the structure of the Matrix that supports Life. The vibration is connectedness, Love.

Go now. Place some flowers in your home, so you can see the bee in the flower and the flower in the bee. “Bee” in touch with the vibration of the Universe. Let it be your guide.