I’m always interested in what people have to say about their spiritual lives. Being asked about mine aids my own reflection. Having a book table at the Farm Market has been a fabulous opportunity for this kind of productive exchange.

This week I met a scholar who explained his Christian faith (and encouraged my acceptance of it) by quoting bible references. I think the bible is a great resource. At this point in my life, however,  it doesn’t work for me. Where are the female voices? Why are all of the big hitters (including God) male? How can Christians portray Jesus as a white guy? The political editing makes it difficult for me to relate to.

These details aside, there is no religion that has exclusive ownership of spiritual concepts. The story of the resurrection is a good example. Christianity tells us that there is the opportunity for rebirth, even after big mistakes or great suffering. You get do-overs. This is a very supportive way to look at life. Accepting Jesus as my savior, however, is not a requirement for choosing to practice this broader concept. I can wake up every morning and say: hey, it’s a new day, one I’ve never lived before, and I am ready to start over with a clean slate, to try again.

I am not dissing religion. If it helps, I am all for it. But I do think it’s important to be thoughtful and aware. Is a particular religion being used to hold onto our material security? Are we just worshipping religion, or our own (limited) ability to explain the unknown? Or are we actually honoring all of creation?