From Marie Sheppard Williams’ The Worldwide Church of the Handicapped, and Other Stories:

“This church tells him exactly what to believe, so that he doesn’t have to stumble blindly through his life like the rest of us, grimly thinking for ourselves.

He tells me that he believes that every word written down in the Bible is absolutely literally true. I tell him that I believe this too; and also that every other word ever written down anywhere by any human being at all is true, as is every thought ever thought by anybody; every work of art, every tree, every fucking rock–is absolutely literally true. I make no distinctions–James Bond and the Koran–both literally true.

He tells me that white people are superior to blacks because blacks are cursed by God in the Bible; I tell him that it seems to me that we are all cursed by God, or blessed, one way or another, and it amounts to the same thing.

He tells me that men are superior to women because it says so in the Bible; I tell him that I accept this and also that women are superior to men and that they are equal, worse, better, different, the same, everything, all the time.

He says that is contradictory and inconsistent. I say, yes, it is, I do see that. And I say that I have no trouble with contradictions and inconsistency, or things that have to fit and don’t, I simply believe absolutely everything. I say it is–if nothing else–more fun that way. I say that I have discovered in myself an enormous capacity for belief and I am using it fully; as far as I know this is not yet illegal. It is so clear to me: if you leave anything out, then nothing belongs.”