We are formed in the liquid dark of our mother’s body. When we are born we have no identity. One of our childhood tasks is to find ourselves. First we seek others for feeding, care and love. Then we learn that we are separate beings and practice controlling our own body and our immediate environment. Adolescence is a journey into the wider world beyond our home and community. Through inner exploration and outer comparison, we decide who we are and create an identity.

Identity is how we see ourselves in the world––these processes define our five-sense reality and identity flavors every one of our perceptions. Most of those perceptions are created by our family and our cultural environment. As adults, our task is to unlearn that. “Growing up” as an adult involves dislodging our belief in who we are, moving beyond our ego and its reactivity, and allowing ourselves to learn and experience the world beyond identity.

The ego is not our enemy. It is the part of us that keeps us alive. It reminds us to eat and rest and take care of ourselves. It protects us from harm and ensures our physical survival. Problems arise when we let our ego run the show, when we are invested in our identity and it overpowers our spiritual life. This is why all mystic practices begin with shedding the ego.

The best arrangement for ego is in service to spirit. As Amina Meyer describes it, “Use your identity, but don’t let it use you.” In healthy alignment, ego carries out the choices that spirit is called to manifest. This allows us to step into a larger context, where we can move past our petty behaviors and develop the ability to show compassion and care for others.

We can go even deeper. When we shed our identity and develop awareness, we can experience the vast energy movement of the Universe. This is transcendence, the goal of every mystical tradition. Through contemplation and self-surrender we can embody wisdom which is inaccessible to the intellect.

*The Library Man:  Your purpose is to be a clear channel, to let the Teachings come through you and move to others…it will not be easy to recognize where that path is going to take you. You will recognize it by the resonance, by the energy it emanates and the energy it energizes in you….

To be ready to take this path, you must be ready to move yourself into Timelessness. It is not just a thought, or a way of thinking. It is a way of organizing your being.

It starts at the heart level. This is why we have spoken so much about compassion, because that is one of the first steps. There is awareness, then transcendence, then compassion, and then movement of compassion. It is the movement of compassion, not just sitting and experiencing it, but moving that energy. And not just from you, but through you. The energy has to come from the Universe, and come through you as a physical vibration on its way to entering another energy field.

It is good to understand this, but it is most important to do it, to experience it. This compassionate connection is vital energy. It is Life Force. This is your purpose, to move Life Force.


*The Next World, p. 216-17.