I learned a new word this week: Bibliomancy. It means “using a randomly chosen passage from a book for guidance.” I love it! I have often recommended this to people purchasing my books, although I know it as The Book Fairy Technique.

All of my books encourage spiritual awareness. They are chock full of information, ideas, and guidelines from the Teachers. Every page! Even I, the author, can’t keep track of it all. Starting at page one and reading page by page to the end can be overwhelming. That method might be better suited to reading and discussing these books with another person or a group.

I often just pick up one of the books, whichever one appeals to me at the moment, and hold it. Then I let a page call to me, flip the book open there, and read that section. That method has helped me make decisions and work out sticky situations. It can also be a general guide for my day. That’s bibliomancy! I recommend trying this.

And in case you need it: you have my permission to read in any way that works for you  : )