Coping With the New Normal

I am adapting to the new normal, whatever that is in any given day or hour. I live in far northern Minnesota. So far, the upheaval amounts only to a total reorganization of every aspect of my social and community life. We have not yet directly experienced the wave of catastrophic health concerns that other [...]

Reframing and Refreshing

I am sharing the following helpful support which I received from Reverend Roman Zahir Orest: I am touched by the 'reframing' wisdom that my Sufi friend Percival Will Hale from the MN DUP circles is writing about.  Here are his words: "Some call our current situation a pandemic. I call this era in history "The [...]

Corona Coping

I am reading my own book and finding helpful gems every day now. Here is something adapted from Traveling Light, Moving Our Awareness Beyond the Five Senses, p. 145-46): A'riquea: The quality of your energy space is what will feed or drain you. This refers to the energy space around you, but that is ultimately created by the [...]

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