Keeping House

I dreamed that I was listening to the radio, and a woman called in and said: "Not everything hard is bad, sometimes it's good––because it brings you Home." When we get past our emotional reactions, hard things can remind us of what's actually important, and encourage us to re-focus our attention at the core of [...]

Choosing Spiritual Practice

I’ve been reading Joy Harjo’s Poet Warrior.* I find it very grounding to feel her words. She speaks about following her path, regardless of external obstacles or rewards, and listening to her teachers. Referring to herself as Poet Warrior, she says (p. 163): "...Poet Warrior began to forget who she was in the clutter Of [...]


To start my day with spiritual vibration, I try to make prayers every morning. I hold an offering in my left hand and feel the passion of my heart entering that offering as I speak. I stand outside with the trees and other spirits and give thanks. Then I place my offering among the trees [...]

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