Spiritual Homework, part II

Here is another Experiencing Space exercise. This is from my first book*, which has an entire chapter on this topic. "Universal Wisdom:  Spirit wants to transcend––that is its purpose. Transcending fulfills its purpose. Many humans sense that their physical beings want to expand. They have been crushed into a small space by cultural learning. What they want [...]

Spiritual Homework

Thinking about making a spiritual shift is not enough. Action is also required. Practicing transcendence realigns the energy in our bodies and helps us become more receptive. The following passage from the introduction to Traveling Light describes the process of joining the interconnected space which is Zone. I recommend reading this passage slowly 2-3 times a [...]


Thanks to my friend Kelly for sharing this beautiful and timely short film by Olivia Mater. Take a deep breath, relax, and return to who we are.... Starborn, a short film by Olivia Mater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfpigQFU8vY&feature=youtu.be  

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