The Lesson of These Times

I have been observing a thread of ego-talk that is occurring in the background of my everyday life. That thread contains a constant stream of defensive shielding. It's easy for me to see how it was produced during my childhood––I had to constantly be ready to protect myself. I have much to be proud and [...]


Deng Ming-Dao:* "There are three levels of truth: experience, reasoning, and knowing. All other assertions should be rejected. The first level of truth is  experience. Once you have experienced something, you know it. No person can persuade you otherwise. The second type of truth is gained by reasoning. In this case, the truth cannot be [...]


One of the comforts that organized religions offer is the assurance of a life after death. It's often described as some place that you go, where you can be reunited with your loved ones and live a life of ease. These promises are just a framework, of course. No one really knows exactly what happens. [...]

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