Opportunity and Creativity

Life is an adventure in opportunity and creativity. If we are fortunate enough to live a long life, we can look back and see that sections of our lives fall into chapters. Each one represents a new vantage point, a creative shift made in response to our circumstances. Sometimes that shift is unexpected, ushered in [...]


Life is an education in time and mortality. All along the way, we make choices. Each choice is an opportunity and each one has a cost––once we make a choice we can never know how other paths not chosen might have played out. Part of the process of maturing involves coming to terms with that, [...]


I'm quitting. I'm quitting and that's a good thing. In our culture quitting has a negative connotation, as if it means that I'm giving up and not completing something. But it really just means to stop or discontinue. The word 'Quit" comes from the Latin 'be still' and the Middle English 'to set free.' Quitting [...]

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