Action In This Time of Imbalance

It seems that there is so much to be concerned about. The climate is going wacko, governments and world economies are going wacko, people are going off the deep end in extremism. It all feels like a house of cards. I am most concerned for the children, for all children. I can die today and [...]

Want to Review My Third Book ?

Apologies while I have been away for a few weeks, but I have exciting news! A friend was gone for a month, and I had the good fortune to stay in her home and create a writing retreat. During that time, I finished my third book! This is a great milestone on the path to [...]

Teacher Effects In the Physical World

A friend and I were recently wondering about the possibility that 'outside' forces––guides or entities, angels, Teachers, whatever you might want to call them––might be able to affect our physical world. Specifically, is it possible to ask or pray or intend some kind of change and then see a result? It's been my understanding that [...]

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