Brain Waves

There are a limited number of activities available to me during my house arrest in mandatory quarantine. Almost all of them involve some kind of intellectual engagement. A person can only take so much of that before it's time to change the channel. Interestingly, the channels are made of brain waves. Every action, thought, and [...]

Celebrating Life

I was a guest speaker for Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church in Duluth MN on April 4, 2021. My topic was Celebrating Life. A link to the service is attached: This was my first ever zoom presentation. I can see that I need to learn to look at the camera more (instead of the people), [...]

Frame of Reference

I received the incredible opportunity to see my adult daughter in person. For the first time in almost a year! This involved crossing the international border into Canada, and climbing a mountain of required permits and paperwork. I would also be required to quarantine for two weeks before I could actually see her. I made a [...]

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