Deconstruction Before Reconstruction

I have been feeling highly distressed by the global effects of climate chaos. On the heels of the dysfunction of the previous presidency, and then the pandemic, there is a lot to cope with these days. I found this helpful: Everything is as it should be. It can not be something else. It has to [...]

Website Malfunction

If you have been trying to buy a book or contact me––a thousand apologies! My website has been malfunctioning and I don't really know for how long. It could have been all summer? I'm working on getting it fixed!! Thanks for your patience oxo

Ocean Voyage of the Soul

"...Were you to reach your desired destination in an instant, beamed in like a Star Trek voyager, it would be an empty and meaningless transport, readying you for nothing. Sea legs are earned; equilibrium is a skill; the transportation is transformation."       ~Holiday Mathis

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