24 Hours of Acceptance / follow up

About ten days ago I practiced 24 hours of acceptance. I withdrew my ego attachment to events, both internal and external, and just accepted things as they were.* This was so pleasant that I chose to commit to another seven days of Acceptance. One week. And then.....and then National Election Day came around. What a [...]

Caste-ing Ballots

During past elections, I have been frustrated with my fringe political friends who refused to vote for the main-stream candidate because that person “didn’t represent their personal values”. They didn’t seem to understand the long game of politics, where you don’t always get exactly what you want, especially if your group makes up a small [...]

24 Hours of Acceptance

In our everyday lives, we have many opportunities to choose where we rest our attention. We cannot control everything that happens around us or to us. What we can control is how we react. How we react is determined by where we rest our attention. As Osho, the teacher and mystic, wrote, "Be aware of [...]

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