I am trying to avoid politics in this blog. We’re exposed to enough of that already. I do, however, want to post things that might support us as we travel through these difficult times. The following is a conversation from my second (not yet published) book:

Because I operate in other realities, I am sometimes seen as “crazy”. That is a term used by others to describe something that they don’t understand. But connection beyond the five senses, to Zone, is an important skill. It means connecting to the ancestors, and the ways which will bring balance. Intuitive skills are needed, and honoring of the feminine.
A’riquea: This is the balancing that needs to occur. It will be difficult for a world view that is built on masculine principles. Many people will be hurt as the masculine moves to extremes. These extremes are reactions to perceived threats, they are manifestations of fear. The masculine will need to learn how destructive these behaviors are. It will not be pleasant. It will be very important to hold to the feminine principles in these times, not to join with reactivity and anger. Righteous anger is okay, but not angry behavior. Anger can be a limited motivator, but not the source of action. Be secure in knowing that the feminine is respected and welcomed. At first you will feel that there will be few who are ready, but that is the nature of starting out. Do not worry about this. Keep the faith that you are on the right path. We are with you.
Thank you so much. I feel so grateful to be on this path, all with your help.
It is what you came to do in this life. It is good to be awake to that promise.
You do need to know that difficult times are ahead. For many. You will need to learn to use your voice. Your books are a voice, but so is your physical body. You will learn to use it. We will help you. Do not be afraid to connect. We all need to support each other.