Life is good. (I’m still standing, which seems like an accomplishment during the pandemic.) But I’ve been missing the deep and regular spiritual connection I once had. I feel socially encapsulated. I’m constantly distracted by all the tasky-ness of daily life. I’ve gotten sucked into my phone

It may sound like a contradiction, but I decided that in order to steer myself back on track spiritually I need to isolate myself even more. I need to refocus my attention. I need a retreat, to create a container of concentrated time and space dedicated to my spiritual life in general and writing specifically.

Covid and other factors are making travel difficult. So I decided to en-womb myself at home for a week. I already have a simple place in the woods. In order to make it an actual retreat, I’m going to have to put some boundaries around my activities. The parameters are fairly easy––does this feed my spiritual life?

It’s already obvious what I won’t be doing: checking news or social media, house repairs or cleaning, driving anywhere in the car. What I will be doing is walking, meditating, art, ritual, moving energy. And I’m going to be putting my third book together!

I’m starting in a few days. I hope a week is long enough  : )