When I meet someone new and they find out I’ve written a book, they inevitably ask “what’s it about?”. I sometimes hesitate to explain it fully until I know the person better. I usually start out by saying that it is a book of interviews with spiritual teachers. If they still seem interested, I add that the information was collected during channeled writing. Then I explain how I place myself in a meditative state and type what I am told.

I’m careful about how much I reveal, because I’ve had some threatening responses. It’s been suggested, for example, that because I “hear voices” I might be mentally ill, and could be committed. Once, I was sitting at the Farmer’s Market when a woman grabbed the cross around her neck and pointed it at me, to ward off the devil’s poison.

Another time, someone raised their eyebrows and said , “Oh, but you look just like one of Us.”  I wondered: who is “us”? And who is the “they” that I am not? I am a human being. I happen to have tapped into an amazing source of transcendent Love and guidance. I believe that we all have this potential.

Over time, I have grown courageous. The more I share, the more I connect with people who can actually relate to what I am talking about. It gets less and less weird. There are many more of “us” than most people would imagine. Like the flowers of spring, we are just waiting for the right moment to come out.

It’s easier to be brave when I remember that I have a clear purpose in life––to generate light and tend gardens.