What an interesting process this book project has been. I began writing Grandmother Dreams nine years ago. I was approached by a Being from the spirit world who asked me to write the book, and I agreed. I was given the book’s title but did not know what it would be about. I learned how to place myself in a meditative state while writing, and many Spirit Teachers came to me with information to share. The information I dutifully recorded was amazing and life-changing. According to the Teachers, it is time for humans to open to the world that exists beyond the five senses, and to use this increased awareness to live in harmony with each other and the planet. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing process. Eventually, I was told it was time to publish. I had committed to writing Grandmother Dreams, but it was a big stretch for me to think I could actually publish a book. I didn’t know the first thing about the publishing business. I had very little money. I was nervous about putting myself out there. But I had Faith. All along, my Spirit Teachers had told me that they were with me, that they would support me. Even though I was a single mom working full time, I managed to get the book printed and set up a website. 

Once the book had become a physical manifestation, I was told it was time to bring the book out and get it moving. I was told that the book was not only a collection of these ideas, but also an object that would encourage discussion. The Teachers want these ideas to be activated. I was also told that these ideas are coming from many places simultaneously, like fresh springs, and I would be adding to this flow.  

It was difficult for me to go public with the fact that I was communicating with the spirit world. I was very comfortable in that communication, but I knew that most other people would see it as odd. I did not personally know anyone else who was doing this. My “coming out’ was not smooth. My family brushed it off as another one of my nutty ideas, like recycling or whole foods diet. Some of my friends thought the stress of my divorce might have caused me to “hear voices”, and even discussed a commitment for mental health. I live in a small town, and assumed I could be labeled as “crazy”. I wondered about my professional reputation.

I was surprised and relieved when several people attended my book discussion groups who either had had experiences similar to mine or wanted to know how they could. Support came from unexpected places—co-workers, elders, children, business owners, even strangers.

Then my process got, seemingly, derailed for an entire year by a major health issue. I became disabled and unable to work. While there were many stressors associated with that, in the long run it cleared my path to be able to do even more. It disconnected me from the mouse-on-a-wheel work world and allowed me the space I needed to reinvent my life. 

This summer I have been going to art fairs and farmer’s markets displaying my book and putting myself out there. The book is selling. I have had many interesting conversations with all kinds of people, around spirituality and the contents of the book. Children have talked to me about their experiences with the spirits. I have a book discussion engagement in Canada this fall.

I feel strongly that this is what I am supposed to be doing. This is my path, my purpose. It has not been clear or easy, and I am only starting out. One thing that illness taught me is that life is too short to not be doing what you believe in.