I am disturbed by the negative and divisive focus of the Republican presidential candidate and the people who support him. The following excerpt is from my second book, Traveling Light, Moving Our Awareness Beyond the Five Senses.

This excerpt is part of a conversation with one of my Teachers from across the veil. A’riquea refers to The Shift, a positive change in human spiritual evolution which will expand Love and compassionate action. Her words are reassuring. They help put the current disturbance in perspective, and remind us how we want to be focusing our energy during these times.

A’riquea: The Shift occurs first in the minds and hearts of individuals, and when enough people become aware then there are shifts on a bigger scale. In America, the white establishment can hardly believe what has happened. And that is partly because the origin of the change is not measurable or controllable. People used to be controlled by organized religion, they were told what to believe and that is what they did. The credibility of the church has crumbled as it struggles to keep people in an archaic state, rather than grow along with humanity. Evolution occurs on many levels, not just physical. As we have said before, The Shift is occurring. There is no choice about that. The only choice is whether to become aware or not.

It would be good to remember that there will be push-back. The old systems are in currently in shock over the evidence of The Shift. Once the shock wears off there will be more attempts to force things back into the old ways. There will be physical unrest, ripples of emotion. It will be important to deal with this using compassionate action. You cannot win over the opposition by treating them the way they have been treating others. The Occupy demonstrations have been good examples. The only way to quell discomfort is to offer comfort. Help one another.