What most people really want to know about Grandmother Dreams is “how do you do this?”. People are most curious about the process that creates these conversations. I am glad they are asking. According to the Teachers, we need more people to be able to do this. It is what is needed for humans to evolve into the next layer of consciousness. Right now, it seems vague and elusive, like a little rabbit trail in the woods that is hard to follow. As more and more people travel this path, however, it will get well-worn and the signs will be easy to follow. Eventually, it will become a super-highway of communication.
     Conversations across the veil are really within everyone’s ability, but skills need to be developed. It’s like being a triathlete—I’m not going to wake up next week and be one. I have to prepare. Not prepare, as in ‘push myself through tortuous workouts’, but prepare as in ‘be ready’. I have to prepare my energy. That is what Grandmother Dreams is all about: understanding the possibility, moving our energy from Ego to Spirit, and inhabiting Space rather than Time.
     Westerners are used to left-brained activity. We are very busy analyzing and organizing our world. We keep a bubble of “knowing” around us to feel safe. Now we even have devices attached to our hands that let us pretend we know it all! In order to communicate across the veil, we need to be able to enter a place of Not Knowing. We need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. We need to trust intuition and the unseen. We need to Let Go. Letting go is not a technique to master, it is a simple shift in attention. The more we do it, the easier it becomes.