I have been feeling highly distressed by the global effects of climate chaos. On the heels of the dysfunction of the previous presidency, and then the pandemic, there is a lot to cope with these days. I found this helpful:

Everything is as it should be. It can not be something else. It has to go through this process. Think about any kind of improvement you have made in your life. It is built on the actions you have chosen before you came to the change. It is additive. And, as we discussed in Traveling Light [p.154-58], trauma can be the catalyst for this change. Sometimes things have to de-construct before they can be built on.

Humans are attached to the physical world, which aids in physical survival. Over-attachment leads to the feeling of loss when something changes. It can be good when something falls away. It is likely that there was something un-helpful about the previous arrangement, or something that was in the way of growth. 

I am thinking about how important it is to change, in terms of growing. If I was still an infant, or a toddler, or an adolescent, I would not be the elder that I am today. Something had to change all along on the path of aging. It’s good. It’s brought me to where I am now. It’s a place I want to be. It’s rich. A lifetime of learning and moving forward. Each time, I had to give up something in order to move to the next place on my Soul Path. Stagnation is not desirable. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to keep up with the changing.

This is adaptation. Sometimes the change is rapid or sudden or piles up on itself. It is all necessary. This is Living. This is Life Force in motion. It’s how it works. Sometimes you don’t see it, because you are so involved in the small vision instead of the bigger context. That is all it takes––stepping away and seeing it from a wider angle. 

I’ve been thinking about that: how something looks from different vantage points. Something looks different from three inches away, from three feet away, from three hundred feet, from three hundred miles, from three thousand miles, from three thousand light years. 

We can always make these adjustments in vision. 

It is important to make these ongoing changes in perspective. That is how you will avoid getting too tangled up in the ego’s perspective. 

I think of looking at the Earth from far out in space and seeing the humans crawling around on the planet, and it looks like total chaos. Is it actually so uncoordinated?

It is, and it isn’t. Everyone is doing their best with what they’ve got. Everyone is trying. This effort, collectively, is what is moving human evolution along. Everyone is adjusting to the changes, and the mass energy has a collective effect.

I, and many others around me, are dispirited by the damage created by hyper-masculine activity. We are destroying our environment and disrespecting people through these activities……Big ah-ha moment just now––this is exactly what I have been dealing with in my own interior life. In a state of energy depletion, I have been lashing out at others and not taking care of my self spiritually. Is this similar to what is happening with the structure known as Patriarchy?

It is similar, thought not the same. Patriarchy as a structure has been in place for some time. It has been supported through culture and socialization. Those supports have begun to pull away. People are seeing the limits of this kind of behavior. It once had a helpful place, but it has grown past its ability to be useful now. It is a structure that is being broken down. 

A new matrix is being built through the behavior of contemporary culture. Patriarchy feels threatened, and it is lashing out. This behavior is pushing even more people away from it. You see the balanced structure that includes the feminine forming now, there are more and more women gaining power and using it for good. Some mistakes will be made, of course. That is the nature of change. 

But this is part of The Shift. Humans are seeing each other as needing one another, as needing to work together and recognize the spirit in each other. This is the context where you will do your best work. Bringing people together by bringing them back to their spiritual core. You are helping to build the foundation of the Next World. Understanding this foundation will help you to move forward with purpose and ease. You cannot be distracted by the triflings of the ego. Step into the Bigger Context, and see your place there. Fear not. All is well. 

Thank you. I sense that this is a new voice. Like Universal Wisdom, but feminine. 

We are the sisters who have gone before, who have made the path that you walk. We are The Women’s Collective. We are the spirit of feminine energy.