One of the benefits of practicing intention every day is that it brings my attention to the energy I want to embody. Then it’s not just a random wish. I actually practice feeling the quality of the energy I want to move toward. It becomes an energy memory. As I have continued to focus my intention on “transforming negative habits” and “opening to a Bigger Life”, I’ve been drawn to information that helps me do these things. The following passages from Traveling Light helped me see how habits are built through a lifetime of choices.

The Library Man: DNA is telling a story. It is not just DNA, because all of Life is a story in progress. But DNA is the measurable item that humans understand as being the foundation of the story. Of course, there is much more to it than that, because what is the DNA itself made up of and where does it come from. It really goes much deeper than you can imagine. But we can use this DNA example as a place to start out

…It has been compared to a computer program. It is really more like a blueprint. It is a map that is more than three-dimensional. It is a work in progress and always will be, because that is its nature. It is something that is in motion and always affected by the things it comes into contact with. It is a blueprint. It is a map of everything that has come before, with a plan to build on that and make adjustments as they are needed to be effective in the next situation. 

The blueprint is there, and then the building occurs. Many things can affect the building process. When we look at something like a human, we can see that physical factors like nutrition and toxins can affect how the building happens––the resources that are available to build with. People are starting to recognize that there are emotional and psychic factors involved also. It all boils down to energy. That is what nutrition and toxin and Love and trauma all are made of––energy. Blueprints may have resilience to some factors or to many. Not all blueprints are the same. They are, of course, designed through their heritage.

But humans are not the only thing creating a story based on a blueprint. So is every living thing. And every thing is living. Rocks, soil, the Earth itself. Even the plastic bottle that has been abandoned in the ditch is made up of some kind of cells with a blueprint. Nothing is ever “dead”, it is only transforming to another state. All of these blueprints are interacting with each other. The blueprint itself and also the processes of building and transforming are all interacting, so that one thing is affecting every thing. 

What we want humans to understand is this connectedness. Everything is affecting everything. The choices that humans make affect everything else, which in turn affects humans. And not just humans as an aggregate, but also each human. Each human is making choices all of the time, creating a story which is spooled out into the Universe. Even if the story is crushing their inner state, it is having an affect on the Universe and the story of Life….

…Humans want the security of maintaining a reality based on the five senses. It is a limited experience. Moving beyond the five senses is a shift from stability toward growth. That is what evolution is––the adjustment of what is built on the blueprint…

…the blueprint of your birth was built on by your early experiences. Once that framework is in place, you are continually building on that again. You have no other framework to use. It is part of your cell structure. But the ego, the physical manifestation, is only one framework. There are many frameworks, existing simultaneously in the same space. As long as you function only in the five-sense world, that is the only framework you have to work with. 

Another way to function would be to make contact with a spiritual framework, which is available in the same space but in another dimension. The spiritual framework is much more fluid. Both of these frameworks, and many others, are available at all times. You can choose which framework to operate in. They are separate, but also connected and overlapping, so that work in one can spill into others…

When you first spoke about…freedom, you were in the spiritual framework. When you began to feel the abandonment and shame, you were in the physical framework. You choose which framework you function in. You can choose healing (spiritual) or stuck-ness (physical), being open or closing down.

I can see these multiple frameworks. It is like viewing a hologram, with the blueprint beneath them and then these frameworks superimposed over each other, different but visible in the same space. The space is blue, with light white lines forming the blueprint and the frameworks, and there is also a grid below that that looks kind of like graph paper.

The grid is there also. It is the most basic structure in the Universe. It is the patterns that are observed in flower petals, ice crystals, atoms and molecules. It is the perfection of Life. Life is always in motion, making blueprints and frameworks, and other things we have not gotten to. When energies align correctly, the patterns of Life are created. This is the foundation of The Shift. Life Force is generated in these patterns. They are beautiful and perfect. Some imbalance is necessary, to keep creating new patterns. Too much imbalance pulls energy away, and the patterns become distorted, more difficult to arrange. The energy of Life Force is diminished. 

The current basis of The Shift is to create more Life Force energy. Compassionate action by humans is a powerful generator of Life Force. It aligns human function with the grid… See the hologram in your everyday life and choose which framework you operate in. Be the hologram. Understand how you create your frameworks, how they interact. Place yourself in the grid that generates Life Force. Feel Life Force moving, through you and to others. 

*Traveling Light, Moving Our Awareness Beyond the Five Senses, p.33-39, abridged.