The following is an excerpt from the second book, Traveling Light, Moving Our Awareness Beyond the Five Senses:   

[remember to insert yourself into the word “you” as you read along]

The Teachers are asking us to add to the current energy shift of the Universe. Taking the next steps in our spiritual evolution means becoming aware of our actions and choosing how we participate in creating vibrations. Taking action, just doing something, is a limited goal. Choosing to change requires that we look at how we are changing. The Library Man came to me to discuss this. He has a sheaf of papers in his hands, as usual, and is waving me over.
Let’s start our discussion today with the word “likeness”. Likeness means to be like. Go ahead and look that up.
The dictionary describes “likeness” as a representation, or similarity of appearance. So, it’s not the actual thing but something that looks like it. It sounds kind of surface––how something looks.
Yes. Some things can look the same but not have the same qualities. This is something we need to talk about. 

People can think they are doing a correct action because of how it looks. It is a way of looking at your own self and your own behavior as if you were outside of it––what would others think if they saw me doing this or that. It is a perspective that holds a considerable amount of judgment––the judgment of one’s own self and also the internalized judgment of what you believe others think. This is a very off-center way to behave. If you are thinking all of the time about how this will be perceived, then you do not have your energy aligned in the present moment. It is directed into the future of what people will think. 

The reason we want to discuss this is because you are holding yourself in this future trap of thinking. Culture encourages this kind of thinking, because if you are concerned about what other people think then you will be insecure and keep working to normalize yourself. That is very profitable commercially. We do not need to be concerned about commercialism at this point. What we want to do is counteract this tendency to think in the future. We want you to be able to focus more on your inner intuition, asking yourself if this is the correct action based on whether it is the right thing to do.

You have had discussions with other Teachers about this topic. What is different today is that there is nowhere to hide when you are operating through Spirit. There is nowhere to hide, there is no need to hide. When you operate in this way you will feel peaceful and at ease. 

What makes this possible is being in Point and Zone simultaneously. This is something you need to practice again.

I can feel it when I do it. I call it Love and Let Go. It is centering in the point of my physical body and also expanding into the zone of Spirit. Both grounding and expanding at the same time. I need to do more of this, practice more regularly.

Yes. It needs to happen many times every day. We need you to be in this arrangement as a way of being. There is work ahead that will require this kind of energy balance. You need to be in shape for that, you will need to be able to tolerate certain amounts of “pressure”––other people’s energy trying to direct you.

You have had some tests, situations where the behavior of others affects your functioning. Think about those and then go to Point and Zone. You need to be able to return to this balance easily.

Just Be.