I am a lifelong learner. I am constantly seeking information and experiences that both broaden and deepen my view. I read 3-4 books a month. Several that have had considerable impact on my spiritual journey are listed below:

The Essenes, Children of the Light, Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis (Ozark Mountain Press, 2005).  ISBN 978-1-886940-87-1 / Recorded past life accounts, accessed through regressive channeling, of the people surrounding and supporting the path of Light during the time of Jesus. This book transformed my perspective on Jesus and the foundation of Christianity. (See related blog entry: Lineage & Light, 03-28-2024.)

House of Shattering Light, Life As An American Indian Mystic, Joseph Rael (Millichap Books, 2003).  ISBN 978-0-9823274-4-9 / A simple retelling of Rael’s life as a mystic and the experiences on his path. I periodically reread this book to refresh the vibration of my own mystical journey.

Islam, A Short History, Karen Armstrong (Random House 2000). ISBN 0-679-64040-1 / Armstrong explores the history of Islam and the West’s vilification of it––the West often cites Islam’s violent history without acknowledging its own participation in similar events (like The Crusades). Especially good section defining fundamentalism, which is common to all religions (and evident in US politics today). Armstrong is able to make complex subjects enjoyable to read––I recommend any of her many books on world religions.

In Love With The World, A Monk’s Journey Through The Bardos Of Living and Dying,  Youngey Mingyur Rinpoche (Random House, 2021). ISBN 9780525512547 / The true story of a Tibetan teacher who secretly leaves his Buddhist order to become a wandering beggar. He explores the bardos (gaps) in living through relatable descriptions of his shedding of identities, culminating in a death experience that allowed him to experience the mother and child reunion. His retelling embodies the vibration of spiritual living.

Testimony of Light, An Extraordinary Message of Life After Death, Helen Greaves (Tarcher/Penguin, 1969).  ISBN 9781585427048 / The true story of two nuns who participate in an ESP research project. After one of them dies she continues to transmit information through channeled writing, providing a fascinating look at the afterlife.

I’m always open to more! Please share books that have inspired your own journey, either in the reply section to this blog or by sending me an email.