Over the years, many people have asked me explain the difference between Ego, Spirit, and Soul. These three manifestations are not actually separate. Each human is like a single drop of water released onto the surface of a pool. Ego, Spirit, and Soul are ripples created by that drop. The concentric ripples occur in the same space, the same pool, the same water. Which one is more evident depends on where we focus our attention.

Ego is our physical presence, the body we inhabit as we walk this planet. It is the vehicle for interaction and enjoyment and learning. It is necessary for existence. Ego creates our ability to take action, to do something, to make a choice. We have been led to believe that Ego itself is a bad thing. The limiting factor is actually our choice to allow Ego to run the show. When Ego is in charge (instead of embodying spiritual choice), it is concerned only with self and the physical plane. Then our primary motivations are pleasure, control, and drama.

Spirit is connected beyond the physical plane. It is our expanded energy presence. Spirit fuels a healthier physical presence by connecting us to a larger reality. We could see a beautiful sunrise, for example, and say, “Wow, those are cool colors––I’ve got to take a picture.” That would describe ego function. When we are connected to Spirit, we would see the same sunrise and sense that all is right with world, basking in inter-connectedness. Spirit extends beyond the physical plane, beyond the five senses. It includes awareness such as intuition, transcendence, vision, and dreaming. It is connected to our purpose in life, which is to Love and heal ourselves and each other and all our relations.

Soul is movement of spiritual energy. It can be felt in the expression of Big-L Love and compassion. This occurs in Not-Time, The All That Is, The Great Mystery. Soul is beyond our ability to see or understand while in human form, but we can experience it through connection with Spirit. These experiences of Soul while in physical form add positive vibration to the Universe.

We are the journey of our Spirits walking the Earth. Our body/Ego is the earthly vehicle, the energy of Spirit fuels our walking, and Soul is the journey itself.