After hearing different parts of myself voice themselves (see Ego-Spirit-True Self I & II), I began to wonder about these different energy expressions. I wondered what their relationships are to each other. When I asked for guidance, this is what I was told:

Universal Widsom:  
The True Self is your genetic heritage, the You that was created in the joining of DNA at conception. It is a history and a blueprint, which is then built on to create a Self. The building occurs through the experience of Life Force, the pressures and freedoms of Living.

Spirit is a layer of energy that infuses Life force with Meaning. It creates connections and relationships with other Beings by recognizing Life Force in them. Spirit is a shared experience, a relational energy that runs through multiple dimensions simultaneously. That is why it feels open and expansive. Your energy needs to be open and expansive to connect with Spirit. It is a two-way exchange of energy movement.

Ego is energy that is linked to the physical plane only. Of course, the physical plane is energized by many other dimensions, and the ego can sense this, but its perspective is limited to the physical plane. That is also the limit of its function. As you know, it has a place, and an important place, in the preservation of the physical body. These three energy bodies

[True Self, Spirit, Ego] work in concert. Sometimes the music is beautiful. It can also be out of tune, creating discord and disorder.

You are correct to realize that this all requires practice. Your current culture feeds Ego and attempts to ignore Spirit. Most people have some awareness of the limits of this arrangement, they are aware of Spirit in themselves and also in others. You can help them to become comfortable talking about this. Be a model for the “new” normal.

Can you say more about the position of the True Self. And where the soul is in this arrangement.
The True Self is the original self, the You before Life happened to you. It is the Tree of Being, and its roots are the soul, grounded in the Universe. Spirit is the water and the air and the sunlight for this Tree of Being. Ego is the tree, the physical manifestation, the bark and the trunk and the limbs. It is an expression of living on the physical plane. Of course it is infused with Life Force. It has to be in order to be living. But Ego is the hardened exterior that allows for survival. It is the hardened exterior that creates an identity, an appearance, how we think we appear to others.

Trees and birds seem to go together.
Birds are spirit messengers. Their message is their movement, which is a reminder of the flow of spiritual energy.

So much here! As usual, I will walk away a changed person.
The same person, with renewed spiritual energy.

Many Thanks.