I have a system for saving and managing all of the transmissions that I receive. It’s a bit clunky. A transmission usually arrives as I am typing about some phase of my life that needs adjustment. Savoring the vibration, I save the journal entry and walk away. Then I go back at a later date to highlight the main points of the teaching, print a hard copy, and save the computer file. This is a project that I typically get behind on, and one of my January tasks is to deal with the backlog and start clean each year.

I was working on this and realized that there is great value in doing it this way, in allowing a backlog of 40-50 entries. I not only receive the teaching during the original transmission, I also get to review it and absorb it a second time when I do the filing. When I review a dozen or more in a day, several days in a row, I am flooded with the vibration of the transmissions. I regain the fully expanded state that almost all of the teachings encourage. In this state today, I closed my eyes and recorded the words that describe it. As you read, try to feel the words in your own body:

I am gathering my strength

bringing my power to my core 

my spine.

I am expanding my energy body 

joining with the spacial arrangement 

of the cosmos. 

I am a star and I am the starry sky. 

I am traveling, directed only by the laws of the universe 

unseen to me.

I am allowing expansion and movement, 

drifting in wonder and beauty. 

Loved infinitely.

Loving infinitely.





Birds and musical notes are pouring out of my heart,

circling through the Universe and my body. 

We are all one movement.

Rocking the cradle, rolling the seas,

resonating with the stars, the perfume of a flower,

joining the song and the singer and the creator. 

There…the heartbeat of Life Force. 

Streaming starlight.

Lapping the shores of splendor.

Breathing. Existing. Allowing.