Discussions around meditation and enlightenment often refer to becoming “empty.” That describes a complete surrender of ego attachment to become one with The All. I tend to use the word transcendence to describe that vibration. What is there to know about this energy movement?

The Library Man:  Becoming “empty” can also imply that you become vacuous. That is one definition of Empty. And it can also imply that this is a state that is achievable, that it is a static state. As you know, none of that is true. 

Transcending means that the physical form is incorporated into the greater zone of energetic expansion. Emptying oneself of the ego is an important step. Ultimately, you want your energy to join the eternal expansion of the Universe. We want to focus on expansion, which necessarily includes movement. 

When you help me to type these words, I feel what you are explaining. I am experiencing beautiful energy in motion. It’s like the aftereffect of the Big Bang, with everything slowly expanding in the vastness of space. I am peaceful oneness.

This is where you actually exist. Not in the limits of the physical body, which is but a temporary gift, given so that you can feel this expansion with your senses. This expansion is your eternal Home. Your directive is to make this eternal connection while you are embodied on the physical plane, and to use this embodiment to magnify and share the energy.