The following is a recent conversation regarding the management of feelings.

A’riquea:  Feelings are chemical reactions in your body. Chemical reactions are energy reactions. They are read by sensors in the body. They can be sign posts. The energy sensors will alert you to direction that needs to be taken–whether you want to go towards or away from a given energy stimulus. Of course, there is alway the choice not to move in any direction, but just to note the sensations.

These sensations are important in the process of survival and evolution. They inform a Being about the quality of a stimulus. The reaction to it can save a life, enhance a life, improve evolution. A problem today is that humans are constantly bombarded with feelings, culturally encouraged to amass more and more feeling. Think about plants and animals. Stimuli in their environment varies, but the intensity of that variation is only occasionally worth an immediate reaction. Humans have come to believe that everything requires a reaction. Then the reactions create more reactions which create more reactions. The human system is overwhelmed.

I am thinking about the energy patterns of my childhood, and how things became so muddy and unrecognizable that I learned to assume everything was a threat. It’s taken most of my adult life to untangle that.

It is the human condition. And that has been layered onto with the explosion in technology and the sheer numbers of humans interacting on the planet. Even if you are not directly interacting, all of that energy is still there. This is why meditation is so important—it brings you away from the interactive field and into communication with your own body, mind, and spirit. It is a stepping back.

You need not be so hard on yourself for any mistakes you have made. You do need to learn how to pull back and allow your feeling to be just part of the flow of Universe. Reaction is not necessary. Rest and repair are.

Go into your day now, and just allow Everything.