Even though I want to practice moving energy in a positive way, I am sometimes challenged to do so. There are many stressors layered on by both my external and internal world. When I am not relaxed, I am not aware of the spiritual opportunities before me. On those days, it helps to notice when I am stuck, focusing on Points.

The Library Man:  You have been busy moving your energy from point to point, focusing on getting to the next point and the next. So you know how draining this activity is. It is not a good way to be using the gift of your physical presence. It dissipates your energy stores rather than renewing them. That is why you are so tired. 

Really, it is the opposite of what you are being asked to do. You have to be able to allow your energy to exist in Space. That is a way of freeing up the Points. Rather than try to limit their movement, you want to be allowing for change.

This sounds similar to the spools that were discussed in the Chapter One of Traveling Light.*

Yes, this is similar. The spools discussed there were part of the body. But any Point is a spool. There is this idea that a Point is a static object, something that is fixed. Really, it is just a set of coordinates in a specific location. When you allow your energy to exist in Space, it frees up the Points to take in and move energy. This action changes the energy, but also changes the Points themselves. 

This is what the Universe wants to do––flow. It does not want to stop and stagnate. In fact, it is not able to stop. It will continue to flow, but its flow will be restrained and restricted. It will not flow evenly or well. It will have to go around places that are blocked. This creates different energy pathways that are not as smooth or helpful.

I am thinking of an example like the human heart, which is designed to be strong and smooth and constantly pumping and flowing. When there are blockages to this flow, it creates back-ups in the channels that carry the blood and limits where the blood can go. There is less oxygen and nourishment for both the heart itself and for other organs and tissues. There can be damage to the heart and vessels and, eventually, there is the possibility of fatal errors.

This is a fair example. It is important, for both the heart itself and for the entire body, that the heart function smoothly. All Points, everywhere, whether they are planets or atoms, function in this way. The energy has to move. That is what Life Force is. It is Movement.

To use your own example of energy habits, you can see how lack of flow is impeding your overall health. Focusing on tasks and deadlines and other externally generated goals means you are focusing on Points. You feel that if you just get these things done, you will be able to sit back and relax. But through these actions you have created an energy practice which is focused on shutting down, rather than freeing up, your flow. 

It is not possible to completely eliminate the need to accomplish some of these things. But you must address the way in which you do them. Quality is important. Not the quality of your effort, but the quality of your actions. The desired quality is openness and flow. In order to embody this quality, you must have your energy aligned with Space, with all of the space around and within everything. The Everything. Then you can be aware of the Points as they present themselves, you can touch them briefly, and you can move on. You will be focused on movement. 

It’s not that you don’t care, that you don’t use your heart. Moving energy with your heart, and with your intellect, and your mind, are all important parts of being in physical form. But it is the movement of energy that is important. Not the nailing down, the deciding for sure, the labeling and defining. The Movement. Both happiness and pain are forms of attachment. Holding on to either of these means you are forming a Point and restricting energy. True Joy will appear when energy is given the freedom of Space and Flow.



*Traveling Light, p.26-30.