I recently had an important teaching dream:

I was seated before an Indian man who was in full dress (not regalia). His outfit was made of soft tanned leather, including leather wristlets and a headband with feathered lacing hanging on both sides of his head. His smooth chest was bare. I was seated in the manner of a student before a teacher, and he was asking me questions that I answered.

We were talking about a specific flower, and I offered that “we call that a trout lily”. He lowered his head and his voice then, and it was difficult for me to hear his next question. I politely asked him to repeat it. He answered quietly, and I asked him to repeat it, two more times. I was starting to feel foolish, but I finally understood that he was asking me “where are you from?”. I told him that my ancestors were from a nomadic tribe in eastern Europe. His expression soured, and he got up and began walking away. I realized that the real answer was “I am from the heart of God”. When he heard my mind thinking this, he stopped and nodded in agreement.

This is an important perspective. I have danced around identity my whole life. As I get older, I have become less attached to a label. Even though I am less desperate, the question still hangs around me. Now I can see that it is an important question, but I have been looking for an answer that serves my ego, not my spirit.

I am from the heart of God. That means that I am made of Love. I am the vibration of Love, manifesting in physical form. When I serve my spirit, when I live a life of Love, I am resonating with Original Form. I feel this resonance because it is a vibration that my spirit recognizes. When I resonate with Original Form, I am emanating a vibration that other spirits recognize, too, and that encourages other humans to join in. Because it is a vibration, and not a dogma, anyone can feel it.