I try to walk outside every day. It’s a great way to move energy and re-connect with Nature. Here is a way to walk that can improve your grounding:

Try to plan a longish walk. You’ll have to decide what that is. Start your walk by going quickly and burning off some excess energy, including any anxiety or frustration. As you settle into a rhythm and become more relaxed, look around at your surroundings. Notice the wind in the trees, the birds talking, the grass growing along your path. Become aware of your body moving and your feet touching the ground. Notice your feet landing with each step.

Expand your awareness of the ground you are walking on. See that it is a path, or a sidewalk. See that the path is connected to the ground ten feet ahead of you, ten feet behind you, ten feet to both sides, all around. Expand that awareness little by little. See yourself walking on the land that is your neighborhood, your town, your county, your state. Extend your awareness to the horizon. Feel yourself walking on planet earth, touching the whole planet every time you take a step.

Once you have become practiced at this, you will be able to feel yourself not just sitting in a car going down the road, but driving your car on the surface of the planet. You will feel yourself not just sitting in a chair, but sitting on the surface of the whole planet.

Everywhere you are, you are supported by Our Mother.