Valentine’s Day can be emotionally hard for those of us who wish to be partnered but, for whatever reason, are not. The commercial focus is on flowers and chocolates and sentimental romance. But Love is so much greater than that. Capital-L Love is for everyone.

For years I have expressed Love on Valentine’s Day with cards. I send them especially to my single friends, to those who do not have someone to adore and shower them with Love, who are facing all those red-hearted proclamations aimed at smoochy couples. Again this year I rounded up sheets of stamps and dozens of inexpensive but lovely cards. I sent them out over a week ago.

Ever since then I have had a beautiful warmth in my chest, knowing that those cards were soaring out into the world on the wings of my Love. The last few days, I have felt excitement at knowing that those red envelopes were landing in mailboxes all over the country. It doesn’t matter if I ever get a response. My joy is in sending the Valentines and their messages. It is a practice in Love.

Even if no card came your way this year, know that I Love You too!
(And send me your address so you get one next year xoxoxox)

“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”
~Mother Teresa