I posted several times in the last month about feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been living in a transitional construction zone every day for the last nine months. And then there’s the current state of the world: Ukraine, nuclear threat, ongoing climate destruction.

I’ve received a lot of support from the Teachers. They talked about stepping back and placing my attention in a larger, cosmic, context. They encouraged me to not only expand my energy, but to actually participate in the ongoing vibrational flow of the Universe. I found this very helpful. I hope you did too.

And now another layer of energy displacement is occurring as the Supreme Court moves to take away women’s right to bodily privacy. This has triggered an avalanche of emotional distress. I am recalling a lifetime of memories, of millions of micro-aggressions and dozens of direct bodily assaults. It touched off a rift in my otherwise-healthy partnership. We recovered, but it’s likely that similar dynamics are playing out in women’s relationships all over the country now, as emotions surface and are either discounted or violently quashed. It looks like we are heading into dangerous times.

I feel off-center and disconnected from joy. My mind is sometimes disoriented. This state requires even more coping skills.

A’riquea:  These are difficult times. No one knows just how to be with so much change. It’s why so many things seem to be going badly simultaneously. Everyone feels like you do, to some degree or another. Whether you are tuned in or not, you would be feeling this and not knowing how to act. The rules are changing. It makes people uncomfortable, so they try to force things back into the shape they used to be—a shape that is no longer available. 

It is time to move forward, with bravery and an open mind. To not get distracted by everything around you. To tend your inner space with the attention of a loving gardener. You may need to withdraw into this inner space when you are in need of a recharge. This space will need to be rich and nourishing. 

You have had a hard time cultivating this during the change in your home life. It is part of the reason you feel so disconnected—because you are disconnected. You will want to bring yourself home to this space. Choose activities that create and maintain your nest. Not necessarily the physical structure of your home, as in a building. But the physical home of your interior life—your body. And the energy of healthy living. That is, of course, rest and sleep, vigorous physical exertion, good foods, meditation, time outdoors. These are all things that you know. But they are foundational to everything else that you wish to be or become.

You are currently a slurry of disorganization. Put some structure back in your everyday life. Practice being. Let all the other things be what they are. You have no control over them anyway. 

En-vision your interior life as an Eden of lushness and Life Force. Cultivate that vision and that energy. Only you can do this. Place yourself in the echo of the Universe. Let it vibrate through you and energize your being. Tend this garden, not only as a sanctuary, but also as a source of food for your journey. Be home-grown. 

[“Home-grown.” That makes me smile.]

There. You have smiled! Smiling is a gentle rain for your organs, the life-giving sun for your blood, the rainbows in your cells. Connection. Flow. Life Force in motion.