I recently returned from a wonderful camping trip on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan. I was in the expanse of State Forest lands and the fall colors were at their peak. I cooked, ate, slept, breathed—lived—outdoors for a whole week. And I practiced spirit to spirit communication.

I start by focusing my attention. I might observe a mushroom nestled in the leaves of the forest floor, or a giant tree reaching high into the sky. I could be in the presence of a river or a dewdrop, a flower or a forest, a pebble or a mountain. Wherever it is that I rest my attention, I relax my awareness into its energy. I stand quietly and acknowledge, with gratitude, the other’s spirit. I shift my awareness to myself, and acknowledge my own spirit in the same way. Then I open my awareness to the energy shared between us. Everything in Nature is vibrating. Everything in the Universe is vibrating. Together, we are the vibration of The One.

This reminds me of the essence of an aboriginal prayer:
I walk in beauty. Beauty is before me. Beauty is behind me. Beauty is above me. Beauty is below me. Beauty is around me. Beauty is within me. I walk in beauty.