I have been looking through the book Alternate Realties by Leonard George. It is a brief encyclopedia of paranormal, mystic and transcendent topics. There is some interesting information in it. But almost every time the discussion heads into something “unexplainable”, it veers off into a scientific (five-senses-reality) explanation. Several pages are devoted to Near Death Experiences, for example, outlining how many people report going through a dark tunnel, entering a bright light, or reaching a peaceful state. And then this is explained by a possible lack of oxygen to the brain. The section on Inner Voices focuses mainly on mental illness. I find this both frustrating and predictable.

I had been having conversations across the veil for several years before I felt comfortable “coming out” to some of my friends. I knew it might be risky to expose this part of myself. And it did change my relationships. I saw people stealing sideways glances at me afterwards, as if I could no longer be trusted. Some friends even discussed a possible mental health intervention, suggesting that I was cracking up under the stress of divorce. They had no reference point other than schizophrenia.

The voices I hear are not intrusive––they are invited, and there is nothing but good and helpful information coming to me. I have persevered through significant isolation with this gift. Now, as I continue to write and publish and network, I am coming into contact with more and more people who are traveling similar paths. I understand some people’s skepticism, but it is no longer an obstacle for me. Time, faith and positive experience has taken me beyond that.

Spiritual exploration is a personal path. Even people who belong to organized religions must find their own way in order to grow spiritually. Humans are evolving. Eventually, spiritual expansion beyond the five senses will be recognized as one part of “real” life. In the meantime, we cannot seek validation from people whose own problems keep them from recognizing our psychic abilities.

Carry on, and keep transcending.