I dreamed that I was listening to the radio, and a woman called in and said:
Not everything hard is bad, sometimes it’s good––because it brings you Home.”

When we get past our emotional reactions, hard things can remind us of what’s actually important, and encourage us to re-focus our attention at the core of our Being.

In the dream, the caller was a was a housewife. This role in our male-centered society is immensely undervalued. All of the supposedly more important professions rely on the the function of someone being home to take care of cooking, cleaning, and successfully raising the next generation of humans. Another word for this traditionally female role is ‘home-maker.’ Home Maker. The person who creates and maintains the Home.

We all are our own Spiritual Home makers. Even though this role may be less visible, it is the vitally important foundation of everything else we do. As Spiritual Home makers we: keep our emotional house clean, feed our soul, and nurture our future with Love and intention.