During the night my dad, who died several years ago, came to me in a dream. His voice was whispery and far away and he told me that he would be moving on soon. Maybe he has completed whatever work needed to be done in order to continue to other realms.

The next morning I contacted him to see if there was anything he wanted to ask or share before he left. Although I could see him, he was wispy and transparent, as if he was already mostly gone.

My Father:  This is a beautiful place I’ve been, a kind of lovely and amazing place where all of my needs have been met.

[I can see his breath when he speaks, like a mist. And I sense that I am holding him back, locking him into some kind of personality that he embodied while he was on Earth.]

Yes, well, things change, don’t they? I’ve changed too. I was very connected to the physical plane, both in pleasure and in want. I’ve learned that it’s all an illusion. Attachment to it is like trying to grasp these grapes hanging here, which are also an illusion. See how my fingers pass right through them? 

[I feel him shift, and enter my body, who is doing the typing.]

This is a nice thing to feel, this being in a body. I was once very comfortable here. But without an Earth body, my being is more expanded now. My “cells,” if you will, are farther apart. There is space between everything. So much space. And each one of those cells is a portal into a whole other realm. There are so many doorways, so many places to go, to travel, to experience. I can travel into any one of those portals and come out in the same place but with different connections. I am losing the sense of self that binds me to this specific body. That’s what I meant when I said that I’m moving on. There is no reason to stay attached to this self, when there are so many other interesting places to explore and experience. 

I’ve wanted to stick around to see how you kids got on. You seem to be doing well. 

[He seems detached now and less present.]

Yes, I am about to go. I don’t know when, exactly. We don’t use Time in the same way you do. Time here is a kind of marker, but it’s in the past, not something that anchors the present. The present is a convergence of all these portals, which is not really a convergence anyway. It’s just a collection of energy. 

I sense that all this explaining is something you are doing for my benefit, that it’s not that important to you or where you are.

That’s right.

Is there something that you want to say or do or ask before you go?

I just want to know that I did some good while I was in Earth-form. I created some knots. I know that. Everyone creates these knots. It’s part of the human path. I’ve had an opportunity to untie some of those knots now. 

You can’t fix everything, because people have their own way of going and being, their own path. Things get set in motion and then they have their own momentum. I inherited knots, too. We all do. I really believed that those knots were mine, personally mine. Of course, it’s just the human condition, and it would be helpful to see the bigger picture of that. Knots are being formed and, hopefully, unformed. It’s a mistake to focus on the knots. Don’t ignore them, but don’t get too caught up in them, either.

Be aware that there are knots, untie them when you can, but let your awareness open up to a larger view, a bigger vista. There is so much to appreciate. Gratitude is not just a passing emotion. It is a way to live. It moves you beyond the knots. Actually, it includes the knots. It includes the knots and also everything that is not a knot. That is the place to rest your perspective. 

The Everything.

[He seems to be fading. I see his “body” turn into a gentle swirl of energy pixels, like a spinning galaxy. He lets himself go and waves softly goodbye to me.]

Thank you, Dad. Thank you for bringing me to the physical plane, for providing this opportunity. You did do a lot of good here. You had an eye for beauty and a good heart. You shared your wealth, and continue to do so, with many people. You grew well despite the limits of your childhood. You went somewhere and brought others along with you. You were a good soul. I will miss you. 

His swirl of stars tightens into a line, and rushes out as a string of lights into the Universe. I suddenly feel very alone. I know I’m not. Maybe this is some of the grief I didn’t feel when he first left the Earth. This seems so much more final.

I can see his lights far far away, racing and dipping like a bird in free flight. There is a joy to it, a lovely freedom. I can be happy for him. And look forward to that someday myself.