A friend of mine regularly refers to his Sufi lineage. That is not genetic lineage, per se, but the linked history of teachers in his branch of Sufism. Lineage refers to a line of transmission, a transmission of knowledge which includes vibration and intent. When we each travel our own spiritual path, we are connecting to a lineage of thought and energy.

A few months ago I read The Essenes, Children of the Light, by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis (Ozark Mountain Press, 2005), which spurred me to think about my own lineage. The book is a regressive hypnosis channeling of past life accounts by some of the people who were surrounding and supporting the path of Light during the time of Jesus. It is stunning to realize how much was actually going on behind the scenes that is clearly not revealed in the current, heavily edited, version of the Bible.

According to accounts in The Essenes there was an ancient people, probably closely connected with the Star People, who had vast knowledge and skill in expanded consciousness. As their civilization dwindled they traveled outward to share their spiritual wealth and plant seeds of consciousness. One of the groups which welcomed them were the Essenes, a Jewish sect who were resisting both the rabbinical strictures of the Pharisees and also the political-military grip of the Romans. The Essenes had learned about the coming of a great teacher and prepared for over a century for this person’s arrival. When Jesus arrived, they were ready with an underground network of communities that actively supported the light of consciousness through Jesus’ activities.

The Essenes were part of a lineage that held and transmitted a radical (for the times) way of being and becoming better humans—-not through strict adherence to religious doctrine but by moving energy through the opening of the heart with unconditional Love. This is the same focus of the transmissions I receive from my Teachers. Both my teachings and the advanced practices of the Essenes encourage moving one’s consciousness beyond the physical body and traveling elsewhere. My Teachers have been preparing me and my readers for this kind of skill. It’s what they have been aiming toward as the books progress.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I had some connection to the Essenes, to that lineage. It is so clear to me that I have a similar directive, that I am attempting to carry and broadcast the same vibrational message. Could there be a connection? Could it even be genetic? The Ashkenazi Jewish cancer gene is part of my DNA inheritance. My direct ancestors are from Poland and Germany. Some of the Ashkenazi came from Judea, leaving for what is now Germany during the Middle Ages due to Roman persecution (and were then almost all erased during the Holocaust). Judea is where Jesus was born. Am I a vessel of transmission?


As soon as I asked that question I also knew that every human has this potential.

Universal Wisdom:  You have come across a slit in the curtain, in the veil. [I can see a very bright light through this tiny opening.] It is the Light. You are a child of the Light. You are carrying this directive on your Earth walk. It is what you came here to do. The details of how you got here are not as important as what you are going to do while you are here.

I am a carrier. I am a carrier of the Light. My purpose is to move beyond ego-focused self-consciousness, to carry and share the vibration of expanded consciousness. Everything I do, including self care, is about furthering the greater good for all sentient beings. It’s about accepting and flourishing in my spiritual work on the Earth plane. I am a carrier of the Light.

We all have this directive as our lineage.