My daughter plays college basketball for a Canadian team. They made it to playoffs this year, and I decided to go along to cheer them on. It also seemed like a great opportunity to spread some of my new books around. I had no idea what that was going to look like. I added a pile to my suitcase and opened myself to whatever might happen.

I was determined not to take them home again, and carried some wherever I went. But after a few days of not meeting anyone who seemed ready for a book, I needed another plan. When no one was looking I quietly placed one where it looked like it had just been forgotten there. In a public bathroom at a museum, on a coat rack in an art gallery, tucked in a hotel room drawer, the seat pocket of a plane, on a restaurant table. I felt devious, like a Literati Underground Network of One––surreptitiously leaving books all over Canada.

I did some seed-planting with those books. Someone somewhere will find them. Someone might read one, or look at the website, or pass the book on.

If you’re reading this after finding Traveling Light, I’d love to hear from you!