I asked, “Am I living my spiritual purpose?”, and was given the following teaching:

A’riquea:  Your spiritual path, your purpose, is very specific to you, to each person. People can share a path for some time, but they are still each on their own journey. It is important to maintain contact with your interior and exterior Universe, with the place where those energies join, and tend it like you would a garden. The more positive attention and tender care you provide, the more vibrant the path becomes.

One of the dangers of relationships is that people become enmeshed in each others’ journeys. They lose sight of their own path. As long as the relationship supports each person’s journey, it is helpful. When it muddies the water, it is not. This takes conscious work on the part of both parties. Of course, people are more attentive, or more able, or more tuned in at various times in their lives. Things ebb and flow. 

The overall trend in life needs to be toward not just personal growth, but also toward spiritual travel. Spiritual travel is different. It can include personal growth, or be an outcome of it. But spiritual travel itself describes movement of energy. It is the kind of energy movement that enriches not only the human who is making the spirit-walking journey, but also other humans and sentient beings and non-sentient beings. It is the movement of God-energy, the vibration of everything that is and has been and could be. This is the true nature of purpose—to move the energy of God in the physical plane, using the amplifier of the physical body, for the betterment of all. You need to be able to see yourself in this context, and to apply whatever you learn to the bigger picture. 

Most of humanity is currently operating in a too-small context. The very small context is ego, and the ego-driven life. The larger context is spirit, and the spirit-fueled life. Much of this was discussed in the the first book, it needs to be remembered. Earth is not the only dimension that you inhabit, it is not the only journey you are making. There are worlds upon worlds upon worlds, and they all intersect. When the intersection is harmonious, then there is an advance in God-energy. This is what is called evolution. In addition to physical evolution there is also spiritual evolution. 

Be mindful, not of promoting this evolution, but of embodying it through your own thoughts and actions. This is your purpose. 

Do not allow yourself to believe that following your path is something that you do only as an individual. Each person is following their path, but doing it in such a way that there is an interweaving of the paths, of the journeys. There is a flow, created along this interweaving of the journeys, that magnifies the God-energy of each purposeful movement into a broader path. This is the path that was discussed earlier: there currently are few on this interwoven path. When many join their paths together, it will become a super highway, capable of supporting others with ease. This is the longer-term, even bigger-context, goal.

I do need to ask about the concept of “longer-term”. There is currently such a sense of impending doom, with simultaneous political oppression and and covid collapse and climate destruction. It is hard to imagine that there is much of a future left for humans on this planet. 

Whether you have one hour, or one week, or one hundred years left on this planet, every spirit-fueled moment counts. Do not give in to negativity, for that will surely take you off your path. All of the things you have mentioned will be catalysts for change. The change will seem catastrophic compared to the world you currently know. But the change will lay the foundation for the new world yet to come. This does not concern you directly. It does concern your children and your grandchildren—the humans of the future. This is one reason to take the journey of spiritual evolution. Another is to prepare yourself for the time when you will leave the planet, whenever that may be. But it is also to apply your Life to the service of creating the interwoven journey of energy. Doing this will improve everything else—past, present, and future. It is bringing the All together into the One.

That is all for today.