I received this teaching from a native elder whose English name is Robert. He has a benevolent face, lined with the wisdom wrinkles of knowledge. His eyes show both a deep sadness and a joy in living.

Grandfather, I am at your service. I am at the service of the spirits that were here, on this land, before I came, before the Europeans came. I am in service to the energy which is now rising, in many places, to bring unity to the people and harmony to the planet. I wish to nourish this change, whatever that means. I am sorry I cannot yet speak your language. I hope for greater understanding.

He speaks to me with his mind:  This I will tell you. We are part of the All That Is, this Great Mystery which is unexplainable. There are the stars [he points up to the night sky]. See how many there are. So many. It is breath-taking to feel this in your body. That is because feeling this connects the stars in the sky with all of the stars in your body, in the body of every living thing, which is every thing. Every thing is living, has a relationship to something else. We are all related. And the We is everything. 

When you connect the stars in the sky with the stars in your body, then you are connecting with the energy that is all of the space that all of the stars exist in. There is the Great Mystery—in the space where everything exists. 

You are a beautiful child. You are a child of the Universe, and you have chosen to be born into this physical life, bringing all of the stars along with you in your physical body. You bring them along so that you continue the connection. 

Your journey on this Earth is simply to live with the stars, to make sure that the constellations within your body are honored and loved, to shine them up with love and beauty. To know that the constellations in your body, the stars in your body, are pieces of the constellations in the sky. It is all connected.

You may feel that you are far away from those stars in the sky. But you are no more distant than those stars are to other stars in the sky. The distances are vast when you look from this view. But when you see the whole context, you see that everything is within reach. Dance with the ancestors, whose stars have made yours and whose stars are, like yours, connected to all of the other stars. When you dance with the ancestors, you are dancing a future for your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren. You are dancing the Universe into being. 

Say your prayers with this in mind, say your prayers with this mind. Bring your future into the present, in a circle, in a swirling gateway of smoke, a tunnel you will travel when it is your turn to join the ancestors, a tunnel you may travel in this world, when the stars are aligned. It is up to you. To make this journey, over and over and over. To create a path that others may travel, when they are ready. You do not make their journey for them, you only make the path. 

Go now, with your good intentions, and manifest them on the physical plane, in the sky of stars, in the space that connects them. Make your path with prayer.