I was out walking and thinking of the views that I had been shown (see What Is Heaven, 2-3-19). I was walking on the snowy road, feeling glorious, and it occurred to me that if heaven is whatever you want it to be, I could actually be walking in heaven right then. The only difference was that I had a body. But spirit teachers often present themselves in visions as having bodies, so maybe there are just different levels of presence? Or different parameters for different dimensions?

I thought about heaven and hell as states of being, manifested on earth. Walking in Heaven would mean being fully present, spiritually, and not attached to Ego. Hell would be the opposite, being fully attached to Ego and not present spiritually. But then I thought about the horrible situations that humans can be placed in such as sex trafficking, slave labor, concentration camps. That is hell on earth. I suppose it could be argued that we are capable of finding heaven wherever we are, and those are just the most extreme circumstances. I have often been drawn to stories of the Holocaust and Gulags, because there were always people who somehow managed to practice Love, compassion and forgiveness even in those situations. But the Heaven that my father showed me was the most wonderful place, designed specifically to his preferences. Maybe this dimension of heaven is made to reconnect the spirit with Joy and fully positive energy? 

I have also been thinking about my sleeping dreams. The more practiced I am in conversation with spiritual teachers, the more active I am in my dreams. I am not just an observer, I am in them. I have agency—I interact with other people, make choices, and take action based on those choices. My sleeping dreams are another dimension that I function in. There are so many layers! 

This is fascinating to me. Of course, there is more to the physical world than most humans perceive. But what are all of these other places? What is the dream world? What is Heaven?

Someone strides out into my view—a tall strong woman, with dark skin and great physical presence, in flowing African fibers. She has her hair wound in a scarf. She seats herself on a large chair, like a throne, with both her feet squarely planted on the floor, her arms resting on the wooden chair arms. Her voice is deep and resonant. Her speech has the accent of someone whose first language is tribal.

You would like all of these things to fit together in a way is that is easy to explain. The world is not put together in such a way. There are always things that do not fit into the story, and that is just the way it is. That is just the way it is. 

You cannot explain how you yourself fit into this story. Because the story is much larger than any one you can ever know. The story is not one told by humans, with the rest of the world in it. The story is being told by the Universe, and humans happen to be in it. 

You will travel well when you can take yourself away from the human-told story. Then you will be able to see small bits of the rest of the story. You will never see all of that story while you are in human form. Just small bits.

But you can travel to other parts of the story. The reason to take such a journey is not so that you can come back and report on this or that and fit it into the human story. The journey itself is what changes you. Like going to a foreign land. You can never fully grasp what that world is, because you do not come from there, you were not born into it. The best you can do is travel, and bring back with you the change that has occurred in yourself, apply it to the place you return.
This is the Shift you are being asked to create. It is a change in your energy state that you will apply to the human story. The vibrations will be changed, and so the story will be changed. That is how evolution occurs.
I am thinking of climate change, and how we are destroying many life forms by our actions. (I have a vision of a beautiful giraffe, and what an amazing creation this is, how sad if she is erased).
This is the human story interacting with the earth’s story. It is but one of the areas that needs to change. But there are many, and they are all related, in communication with each other. In communication through energy vibration. This is what needs to change, and you can effect this by taking the journey. Not going to a place, but by journeying there. 

We are going to be teaching you through this medium. You must prepare yourself, prepare your body, prepare your relationships. You must be aligned. And then you will go.
Thank you. May I ask your name.
I am A’dziimbuuma.    [Ahd-zee-eem-boo-ooma]
With great thanks, my Mother, I hear your words. With great gratitude, I journey forth.

She nods her head twice, slaps her palms twice on the chair arms, stamps her feet twice on the floor, then gets up to leave.