“Take the sun. Put it in your heart.
Take the moon. Pull it in your belly.
Draw down the Big Dipper.
Merge with the Northern Star.”

This meditation is from the book: 365 Tao Daily Meditations, by Deng Ming-Dao (Harper San Francisco, 1992). Den Ming-Dao explains in more detail:

“We have gone from distant views of gods to a more inner-oriented one. In the past, our relationship was viewed vertically: people were in a subordinate position and the gods were supreme. Without much effort, we can see that this point of view was a reflection of feudalistic definitions and child-like emotions.

By contrast, those who follow Tao declare that gods do not exist. To think this is blasphemous is to miss the point. Rather, those who follow Tao seek a relationship with the divine in which there is no division. They are seeking a state of Oneness.

If people are one with their god, then it stands to reason that there is no division between them. If there is no division between them, then they are god and god is them. This doesn’t mean that a person can do all of the things that gods are supposedly able to do. Instead, they attain a state of being and understanding where there are no distinctions, fears, or uncertainties about what is divine.

That is why we sometimes contemplate bringing the stars into our very being. We want to merge with Tao. In essence, we become Tao and tao becomes us.”